Water Damage Photo Gallery

Fire Department Water Damage in Banquet Room

Water Damage in Fire Department

Last year, Bucks County was hit hard by a storm that caused huge flash floods.  An outside drain backed up due to so much water that it started to flood in the banquet hall. SERVPRO has been on the scene ever since! This is the before mitigation and after reconstruction.

water damage in kitchen

Cleaning Up in the Kitchen!

When this kitchen experienced severe water damages, we were quickly on the way to restore! Making sure that all water and moisture is removed from your home after damages is incredibly important in order to avoid further damage!

water leak mid restoration

Water Leak in Family Kitchen

This Kitchen's Water Leak Damage was Quite Extensive

After severe leaking overtook this Trevose, Pennsylvania families kitchen, our SERVPRO of Langhorne / Bensalem trained professionals were onsite. When water damage infiltrates your walls and floors, more extensive measures must be taken in order to extract excess moisture. 

restored basement

Basement After Water Damage

This is a photo of a families basement after water damage caused flooding. Our teams cleaned up the water and made sure to thoroughly dry the property to ensure that mold growth did not begin. 

flooding in basement

Standing Water in Basement

Standing Water in Basement 

When this family opened the door to their basement, they were shocked. Standing water had flooded their basement. However, they called our trained team at SERVPRO of Langhorne / Bensalem and we were able to extract the water and restore their space.

after picture of basement cleaned

Restored Basement in Residential Home

Restored Residence 

After flooding caused this residential home's basement to flood, SERVPRO of Langhorne/Bensalem's professionals were onsite to cleanup the water and restore the space. Our team utilized our extensive equipment to ensure everything was completely clean and dry.

standing water in a basement

Flooded Basement in Residential Home

Langhorne, Pennsylvania Home Suffers Flooding

This residential home in Langhorne, Pennsylvania suffered severe flooding in their basement. The standing water was alarming when this family walked down their stairs. Luckily, our professionals were onsite quickly to begin our water restoration process

a moisture meter on a wooden floor

Charter School Clean Up

Moisture Meters Measure in a School Gym 

This Charter School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania underwent some extensive water damage. We cleaned up the dame but before we used this water moisture meter to determine the amount of moisture present. 

discolored ceiling tiles

Discolored Ceiling Tiles

Signs of Roof Leak

A few common signs of a roof leak are ceiling discoloration, sagging, and leaking light fixtures. SERVPRO of Langhorne/Bensalem is your trusted leader in quick and efficient water restoration services.

Moisture meter is used on a wall

Moisture Meter Used for Water Damage

Tools Used for Water Damage 

When our teams are called to structural sites of water damage, we always bring the tools that we need. For instance, this moisture meter our trained professionals use to detect water in walls!

white walls with a cut near the bottom

Flood Cut Underway

What is a flood cut?

SERVPRO of Langhorne/Bensalem utilizes flood cuts to ensure the full structure of the building is dried properly. Our team works around the clock to ensure water emergencies are attended to quickly and efficiently. 

a moisture meter

Moisture Meter

What is a Moisture Meter? 

Moisture meters help us to determine the affected and unaffected areas of a property after water damage. Thermal imaging cameras help us determine the source of loss, and moisture meters help us determine the amount of moisture within the affected area. 

Basement drying out after flooding

Water Damage Restoration

SERVPRO of Langhorne/Bensalem - Water Damage Restoration

SERVPRO is your local water damage restoration professional! Call SERVPRO when your basement is flooded, our team will work around the clock to get your home cleaned up. We care about your home and your belongings and will take care of everything.

basement water damage

Water Cleanup and Removal

Water Cleanup and Removal in Bensalem, PA

SERVPRO of Langhorne/Bensalem was quick to remove water from this Philadelphia home's basement. SERVPRO will even clean out your space and ensure your belongings are kept safe!

local school flooded

Water Restoration and Cleanup

For all your water damage and cleanup needs, the professionally trained staff at SERVPRO of Langhorne/Bensalem is ready to tackle the job. Don't let water sit long! It will create bigger problems down the road and could also assist with the growth of mold. Give us a call today!

Carpet Mix Up

Here's an example of a water damage job that our team got called in for this past week.  With all the flooding we've been having our client had a leak in the roof and ended up leaving it until another storm happened.  Unfortunately, their entire living room carpet had to be ripped up because the issue wasn't tended to initially.  Please never feel afraid or wait too long to call SERVPRO.  With these months of lots of rain, we don't want to make flooding more of a hassle than it already is in some peoples' homes.  We offer free estimates and our goal is to make you feel as comfortable in your home, while we get done the job as quick as possible.

Water Damage to Furniture and more...

On the regular, we tend to residential homes that have water damage to their furniture.  In this case, we were brought in to salvage a table and the surrounding floor area in the dining room due to water leakage from upstairs and through the roof.  When we hurry in to take care of a job, we always make sure that the customer is okay with what we are doing.  We walk you through the process because we want you to feel as comfortable in your home as possible while we are in there taking care of things.  If you, yourself, or someone you know is experiencing water damage in their home currently, please don't hesitate to call us here at SERVPRO.  We're here to help and make your life less stressful!

Basement Disaster

We had a call here at SERVPRO this week for water damage in a clients' basement over the weekend.  The upstairs toilet leaked and unfortunately leaked through the entire floor.  If it wasn't enough as it was that our clients' furniture was damaged, his basement floor and walls had sever water damage as well.  He knew he wouldn't be able to take care of the issue himself, so he decided to call us right away.  Our client didn't think twice about calling us since he had used our services before when he had a fire in his kitchen upstairs.  He knew we'd be a reliable source and get the job done efficiently.  He said he will be referring us out to family and friends in the future if another problem arises.

Closet in Apartment Complex

Here is an example of of a closet we got called into with water damage.  Unfortunately, due to the many storms we've been having more than one closet was ruined in various apartments.  The complex thought it would be a good idea to call us in after the facilities team tried cleaning them themselves countless times.  In hopes to save themselves time--we were told that we were the first company they thought of since we have done some water and mold remediation and damage in past.  The job took about a total of three days to air everything and complete the job in full.  Luckily, there was no mold damage this time so our team got the job done very quickly without disturbing all of the residents too much.

Commercial Mitigation

A guest on the 4th floor of this hotel left his bathtub faucet running and fell asleep.  Eventually the tub filled and water overflowed to all 3 floors below.  We were able to arrive quickly and restore many of the building materials without demolition, which helped limit costs to the building owner.

Commercial Mitigation

In this photo, you can see a small portion of a commercial water mitigation.  We had to place a significant amount of equipment in the cafeteria in order to dry out the property effectively.