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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Water Damage at a Technical University

These before and after pictures show the results of a water supply line burst in a commercial property in Northeast Philadelphia. The supply line burst on a Su... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Bensalem, PA

These photos were taken in the attic of a Bensalem, PA home. Mold had spread throughout the attic, covering insulation and some of the wood framing. We removed... READ MORE

Fire Restoration in Northeast Philadelphia, PA

These before and after photos show the restoration effort that took place in the master bathroom of a Northeast Philadelphia row-home. The customer really want... READ MORE

Fire Restoration in Northeast Philadelphia, PA

These 2 images are from the master bedroom of a row-home in Northeast Philadelphia that caught fire due to a hot iron. In the before photo, you can see the seve... READ MORE

Mold Remediation

At this apartment complex in Bucks County, a tenant found some mold in their bedroom closet. The property management company called in the professionals at SER... READ MORE

Bathroom Renovation

When SERVPRO was called to this apartment complex in Bucks County, there were a few leaks and some mold in a bathroom. SERVPRO professionals began by performin... READ MORE

Commercial Sprinkler Cleanup

This commercial property had a sprinkler head break around 7PM, causing a significant amount of water damage to multiple floors. Sprinkler water commonly turns... READ MORE

Bank of America

Here, there happened to be a sewage back up in the basement of a Bank of America building in nearby Bucks County. SERVPRO of course, fast to respond, went out ... READ MORE

Center City Philadelphia Job

Here is an example of a commercial cleanup done in a nearby office building in downtown Philadelphia. SERVPRO had gotten a call that there was some water damag... READ MORE


Here is an example of a job SERVPRO got called in for from a church that had roof and water damage due to heavy wind & rain. It was an older building, so y... READ MORE

Huntington Learning Center

Here is an example of a commercial property that had a big flood. Huntington Learning Center had given SERVPRO a call after much water damage after the storm o... READ MORE

St. Francis Neumann Building

Here is an example at an office building where we were called into tend to in different areas with much water damage. Due to heavy storm water, something from ... READ MORE

Local Bank

Here is an example of water damage around the corner from SERVPRO's office at a nearby bank that had roof damage from a storm. The water on the roof from the st... READ MORE

Residential Fire

Here is a perfect example of a fire SERVPRO was called to tend to in a residential area. Unfortunately, a candle caught on to a lit curtain and the family's en... READ MORE

Entire House Fire

Here is an example of a stove that caught on fire and caused an entire house burn. It was established that the source of the fire was a jacket that was left ne... READ MORE

Puff Back Clean Up

Here is an example of a puff back SERVPRO was called into assist with at a residential property. Although our clients' basement was not finished, the soot from... READ MORE

Mold Mess

We had a recent call into our office a few weeks ago about a mold issue throughout a home. Our client was out of the country for six weeks and came home to pre... READ MORE

Antimicrobial Paint Job

A client called in this month with a severe mold problem in his basement. The mold spread very quickly over the course of two days time. SERVPRO cleared all o... READ MORE

Hardwood Floor Fix

Here is an example of a customer we had that had water damage to their new hard wood floors. Our client was very worried about ruining the floors they just put... READ MORE

Water Damage (triplex)

Here is an example of a call we received about water damage done at triplex building. There was a water leak on the third floor, which ended up seeping down an... READ MORE

Basement Disaster

We had a call here at SERVPRO this week for water damage in a clients' basement over the weekend. The upstairs toilet leaked and unfortunately leaked through t... READ MORE

Friendly's Water Damage

A nearby Friendly's gave us a call recently about a pipe burst in their restaurant. When the pipe burst it destroyed the entire carpet and even some of the sea... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning and Vent Cleaning

Why SERVPRO?I'm sure when SERVPRO comes to mind for most people they think of our main services: Fire, Water, and Mold Restoration, being that they are some of ... READ MORE


Here is an example we got called into tend to recently. A nearby diner we are acquainted with had a fire in their back room damaging much of their ceiling. Ty... READ MORE

Apartment Closet and Complex

Here is an example of of a closet we got called into with water damage. Unfortunately, due to the many storms we've been having more than one closet was ruined... READ MORE

Typical Water Estimate

We are constantly being called out to jobs to check out damage done weekly. Sometimes, when we are called out to assess the damage-we either figure out that we... READ MORE

Carpet Water Damage

Here is an example of water damage we got called into help with over the course of the last week. We've been having lots of rain lately contributing to the wat... READ MORE

Storm Water in Basement

Here is an example of damage that was done to the basement of a home nearby our office. The living room as well as the entire basement was completely under wat... READ MORE

Fire Throughout Entire House

We got called in to tend to a residential fire a few weeks ago nearby. We had all hands on deck for this job. A Keurig caught on fire and the entire house bur... READ MORE

Mold Buildup Throughout Living Room

This is an example of a call we got a month or so ago at a nearby residential home. We were called in right after this family had severe flooding in their home... READ MORE

Carpet Catastrophe

Here's an example of a water damage job that our team got called in for this past week. With all the flooding we've been having our client had a leak in the ro... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Home

Here is a carpet that our team had to rip up the other day due to storm damage throughout the entire house. Water seeped through the upstairs, downstairs, and ... READ MORE

Business With Both Mold and Water Damage

Our team got called in the other day to a nearby business that we have tended to before. They knew to give us a call right away because they had experienced wa... READ MORE

Fire Affects Kitchen and Living Area

Recently, we were called in to a nearby house fire. While no one got hurt, there was much damage done to the living area and surrounding area in the kitchen. ... READ MORE